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Cleaning Leather and Suede

Leather and suede has a beloved place in the world of clothing as a classic material for apparel like jackets and shoes. Keeping the precious fabric clean though, comes with its own set of challenges. Unlike its textile counterparts like cotton, polyester, and linens, leather and suede do not hold up well to traditional washing techniques such as residential washing machines. Leather or suede products that have suffered from excessive soiling should be trusted only to professionals familiar with their care.

Leather Care - Nashville TN - Pure Green Dry Cleaning

Properly caring for leather and suede starts before you bring the article of clothing home. Choosing a high quality piece is vital to its longevity. First, shop at a reputable retailer and examine the clothing or shoe for uniformity. Although one piece of clothing usually contains hide from different parts of the same animal or even from different animals, the texture and thickness should be uniform throughout. While wrinkles occur naturally in leather and suede, pass on the new items that already show wrinkles, for dirt and excess wear will collect there.

Next, learn about the type of care the clothing requires by reading the care instructions usually provided on the tags. Finished leather can be maintained easily at home because it has a water resistant coating. Wipe dirt off using a damp cloth and allow the piece to air dry naturally away from a heat source. On the other hand, unfinished leather can suffer discoloration with exposure to water, so a professional should do any necessary cleaning. Suede can be protected with a water resistant spray when the article is new. This will not prevent all water from absorbing though, but darkened areas caused by rain should dry to the original color. Occasionally, the pigment can migrate, which a specialist may be able to restore.

When the garment becomes heavily soiled, take it to a professional dry cleaning service with experience in leather and suede. Keep in mind that dry cleaning does remove some natural oils from the leather, and this is unavoidable. The dry cleaners will add moisturizers to help replace the lost oils, but the garment will likely have a slightly different texture after dry cleaning. Occasionally, the leather or suede may also lose some color depth with dry cleaning because the pigments used by the manufacturer are soluble in the dry cleaning fluids. Despite these changes in the garment, trusting a professional dry cleaner to restore the leather or suede is always wiser than attempting to clean it yourself.

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