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Dry Clean Your Leather Jacket This Fall

Fall has finally arrived and is in full swing. Colorful leaves decorate the landscape, chilly winds blow around the fallen leaves, and everyone is starting to bundle up before heading outside. The weather during fall is ideal for a light jacket and many people like the look of leather jackets for this purpose. The sleek, clean leather look comes in many styles and colors suitable for both men and women. Unfortunately, leather has a way of collecting stains, debris, and scratches, making the jacket look a bit dingy and worn after a season or two of wear.

Pure Green Dry Cleaning makes getting your leather jacket cleaned simple and easy

Pure Green Dry Cleaning makes getting your leather jacket cleaned simple and easy

If you want to leave the house looking sharp in your leather jacket, consider having your leather jacket dry cleaned. Many people associate dry cleaners with cleaning delicate garments, fabric coats, dress suits, or other formal wear, while they think leather is not a good candidate for dry cleaning because it is not made of fabric. Contrary to that thought, leather actually stands up well to the dry cleaning process. In fact, dry cleaning may be better for leather than traditional types of cleaning, because dry cleaning does not utilize water. Thus, the leather does not dry out after becoming wet, which can cause the leather to become brittle and crack.

In addition to having your leather jacket dry cleaned, you can also get a head start on your winter gear. If you live in the Nashville area, Pure Green Dry Cleaning accepts all types of winter wear, including heavy jackets, jackets made with down, and even winter boots. By cleaning your winter gear now, you can beat the rush when everyone else is scrambling to get their gear cleaned before the first snowfall.

Pure Green Dry Cleaning also offers special convenient services for its customers that no other dry cleaners in the area offer. You can set up an appointment for Pure Green Dry Cleaning to stop by your house and pick up the garments you need to have dry cleaned. Every day, Pure Green Dry Cleaning goes on a route through the surrounding area to pick up dry cleaning, and you can call to become a part of their route to have your leather jacket cleaned. They even drop your garment off after it has been cleaned. With this arrangement, you waste absolutely no time driving to and from the cleaners or waiting in line. This convenient service works especially well for busy professionals with little time to spend at the cleaners or for stay at home parents with hectic schedules.

If you are ready to have your leather jacket or other garments dry cleaned for the upcoming cold weather, contact Pure Green Dry Cleaning to speak with a dry cleaning specialist and make your appointment. Pure Green Dry Cleaning also happily accepts walk-in customers.