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Save Time and Money with Pure Green

With the arrival of November, the fall season is nearing the midway point. In just a few short weeks, winter will begin, which means finally putting away the shorts, sandals and other summer clothes. Everyone is looking ahead to the winter that has been forecasted to be as frigid as the last, so now is the time when people are digging through their closets and pulling out those trusty cold weather clothes.

Save Time - Nashville TN - Pure Green Dry Cleaning

Unfortunately, nearly three entire seasons have passed since these clothes last saw the light of day for most people. When you promised yourself last year to pull everything out early and have it cleaned, you had the best intentions. However, it rightfully slipped your mind during the busy past several months. Now it is time to wear all of these clothes, but they are embarrassingly dingy. That fall leather jacket is gray and scuffed, those gloves are covered in who knows what, and your favorite winter boots still have all of last year’s gunk.

Cleaning all of these items yourself is not an option. First, if you had the time to meticulously clean your clothes this way, you would likely spend that time doing something else anyway. Also, no one really knows the safest way to clean leather without damaging it. The next option is having everything dry cleaned, but no one can afford the time or the money for that – until now.

What if you could save time and money and have clean winter clothes all at the same time? Pure Green Dry Cleaning of Nashville has the perfect solution for you. Low, competitive prices offer an easy solution for your dirty clothes woes. Sweaters and scarves come in at under $6 per piece, making dry cleaning more affordable than ever.

Even better, Pure Green Dry Cleaning also offers a revolutionary pick-up and drop-off service. With many routes already established, Pure Green may already pass near your home. You can become a part of this route with a simple phone call. Pure Green can stop by your home and pick up whatever items you need to be dry cleaned that day. This includes all of those dingy winter clothes you are too embarrassed to wear and supposedly too busy to clean. Then, your clothes will be dropped off at your home – fresh and clean – on a predetermined day and time. The best part of this deal is that this pick-up and drop-off service is absolutely free!

Pure Green Dry Cleaning is the way to go for all of your dry cleaning needs. Experts at cleaning leather, suede, shoes, jackets, and even embroidery, you can expect the highest quality from this company. If you live in the Nashville area, there is no other bag except a Green Bag.