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Don’t Let Holiday Laundry Drag You Down

Winter is just around the corner, particularly seeing as much of the country has already experienced the first snowfall of the season. That means Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and other holidays are not far off either. The joy of the holiday season can be so infectious you cannot help but get into the spirit of things. It starts with the lights and festive decorations outside. Then, you step into the home hosting the holiday dinner, and the sights and smells take over your senses. Happy hugs from family members and the warm scent of turkey rolling through the house automatically brings a smile to your face. Glittering candles and hearty laughter set the tone for the evening, as you settle in for yet another memorable holiday.

Laundry Services - Nashville TN - Pure Green Dry CleaningOn the flip side of this, you may be the host of this major family event. While you have the same joyful experiences as your guests, you can also become bogged down by the stress and responsibility of putting on a great show this year. You put the turkey in early this morning, only had to run to the store once, and managed to put on clean clothes before the first guests started to arrive. Along with everything else you had to remember, you made sure to not forget the linens this year, especially after letting family over to the house for a big dinner without table cloths and proper napkins last year.

Everyone finally sits down to enjoy the meal you worked so hard on, and of course, they all love every bite – even the yams you think cooked a little long. The night flies by successfully with only two drinks spilled. You despairingly examine the red wine stain on the new linens briefly before smiling and comforting the apologetic cousin who caused the stain. Last year, you might have hit your holiday threshold at this point, but you know better.

This year you discovered Pure Green Dry Cleaning and their laundry service. All you need to do is call Pure Green, receive a response within one business day, schedule a pick up and drop off, and you can consider that wine stain as good as gone. That’s right – Pure Green Dry Cleaning offers laundry and dry cleaning pick up and drop off services. Drivers take their routes every day around the Nashville area, helping to make busy lives just like yours that much easier. You can send off the stained table cloth, the used cloth napkins, and even the sweater you wore, all to be cleaned and returned in time for the next holiday gathering on the list! Pure Green Dry Cleaning has revolutionized the way people do laundry, and now is your chance to become a part of it.