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Your Image Can Make or Break You—Tattered, Wrinkled, or Stained Linens Ruin Your Image

Your image is what tells your current and potential customers what your business is all about. That’s why it is so important to focus on the details and make sure you are sending the proper message to your customers. While you may allocate funds to marketing, hiring dedicated staff, and serving your customers, nothing can undermine your efforts faster than wrinkled, stained, and tattered linens. As a professional linen service, Pure Green Dry Cleaning knows knows what it takes to keep your commercial and household linens fresh and preserve their longevity.

Having the Linens Cleaned - Nashville TN - Pure Green

And let’s face it, you’re not a laundry professional. You don’t have the facilities or funds to invest in the proper professional equipment, the products necessary to properly clean and sanitize your linens, nor the presses needed to get that perfect finish. Professional linen services have invested in the equipment and have the trained personnel needed to achieve the professional results you need to project the image you want to be received by your customers.

Meeting & Exceeding Guests’ Expectations

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Institute, “Guests expect a clean room above and beyond all other services and amenities a lodging facility has to offer.” When you use a professional linen service you will know your soiled linens will come back to you looking and smelling great. Hotel and bed and breakfast inns know that linens are one of the first things that guests evaluate. Nothing brings more satisfaction to an inn keeper’s ears than hearing about the quality of their bed and table linens.

And of course, there is nothing that makes or breaks a table in your dining room than the linens. Whether your style is casual or elegant, draped tables with clean and pressed linens set the tone for a great meal.

It’s Gross & It’s Scary – But It’s True

In today’s society, germs control is an important consideration. The services offered by a professional laundry service keep your linens fresh and sanitized.

Life Cycle Testing

If you feel that your linen replacement costs are higher than they should be, it may be the quality of the fabric used does not match your usage. Are you tired of promises being made by linen representatives either online or in person about the longevity of their products not meeting your expectations? The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute recommends professional life cycle testing before you buy. Samples of the sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, or napkins can be tested by having them it commercially cleaned 10 to 100 times and see how the fabric will hold up. Before you invest, know the life of the linens you by and if the will maintain the image you want to project to your customers.

Quality Linens & Heirlooms

Using the services of a professional linen service is not just for commercial customers. Many people share the same passion for antique and quality linens as Martha Stewart. And, like Martha Stewart, she and her mother had linens from previous generations that have never been used and had been stored for years. Stewart expanded her collection when she found fine and expensive Irish linens, East European damask, and Italian needle work being sold at estate sales for pennies on the dollar. “I think this was the result of several factors: the absence of trained laundresses to take care of these beautiful items, the difficulty and time required to wash and iron such complex creations”, Stewart explains. Expensive and beautiful linens were being discarded due to improper care.

Caring for fine linens takes knowledge beyond that which the average laundress processes. The type of fibers used to create the linen dictate the proper care and cleaning procedures. “How (the linen) is laundered is a major factor, as is the length of the wash, degree of agitation in the drum, and whether or not tough synthetic fibres are also in the drum…The detergent used can also be a factor,” according to the Thomas Ferguson Linen Company’s website.

Using a professional cleaning service enables you to use your finest bed and table linens and still maintain their quality for future generations. If you have linens that have been stored for many years, a professional cleaning company can bring them back to life and freshen them.