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Have Your Rugs and Drapes Cleaned Before the Holidays

Rug and Drapes Cleaned - Nashville TN - Pure Green Dry CleanersWith one major holiday down this season, we have just Christmas to go. Thanksgiving was a hit, at your mom’s house with your family and at the in-laws’ party. Luckily for you, you did not have to host Thanksgiving, so you kicked back to relax and enjoy the special holiday. Someone else slaved over the oven, checking the turkey’s temperature, keeping an eye on the sweet potato marshmallows as they puffed in the oven, and remembering the baked beans just as they started to boil over. The most work you had to do was pour your second glass of champagne, which the host even offered to do for you. However, you volunteered to host the family Christmas party, so you only have a few weeks to get your place presentable for the family.

Hosting a family party for a major holiday is a pretty big commitment. Not only do you have to buy all the food, cook it, somehow get it all on the table – which you already made – before anything gets cold, and look your party-best, but your house must also look its party-best as well.

As you prepare your house the week before, you make sure everything looks spick and span. The carpet has flawless vacuum lines, the television has been cleared of every last speck of dust, and the guest bathroom mirror has never sparkled so much. You put out fresh towels, set the dining room table, and smooth the skirt beneath the Christmas tree. Everything seems ready, but as you try to fall asleep at night, you suddenly remember the drapes. And the living room rug. And the welcome mats. They have not seen a clean day since the day they were delivered, and you cannot even remember when that happened.

In a sudden panic, you wonder how to clean the heavy drapes that hang from every window in the house. There is also no way the living room rug will fit inside your washer, and even if it did, it would surely break the machine. A moment of clarity quickly follows, and you start to relax after recalling that your home is already part of the holiday route for Pure Green Dry Cleaning.

Knowing you might be a frazzled wreck right before the holidays, you set yourself up for success by scheduling a residential pick up and drop off with the best dry cleaning service in Nashville. Pure Green Dry Cleaning is coming by soon to pick up every rug, mat and drape in your house, and in a few days, they will return all of it to your stoop looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

This is not a dream! You can feel this relaxed before your holiday party too by calling Pure Green Dry Cleaning. Within one business day, you can have your home added to the pickup route, and you will not have to lift a finger beyond leaving the dry cleaning outside your door. Make your holidays easy with this incredible laundry and dry cleaning pickup service.