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Pure Green Supports the Ordinary Hero Foundation

As it turns out, Pure Green Dry Cleaning is not just an exceptional dry cleaning service because of its pick up and drop off routes and wide variety of services. Pure Green is like no other because it also partners with the non-profit child advocacy group known as the Ordinary Hero Foundation.


The Ordinary Hero Foundation began in 2009 at the hands of Kelly Putty as a desire to pair up children in need with “ordinary” heroes. Every child wants and needs a hero to love and protect them, but especially children in need, living hungry and afraid in orphanages. Luckily, you do not need super powers to be a hero for these kids. Through outreach programs, missions and adoptions, regular people can become heroes to children in need of heroes as a part of the Ordinary Hero Foundation.

This foundation focuses specifically on orphaned children who desperately need someone strong to rely on. Estimates have determined that as many as 153 million children around the world have lost at least one parent. With around 4.3 million orphans, Ethiopia has one of the highest orphan populations in the world, and one of every six Ethiopian children dies before turning five years old. Even in America, a technologically advanced nation, over 500,000 children do not have a permanent home. The Ordinary Hero Foundation strives to changes the lives of these children, one child and hero pair at a time.

To top off the impressiveness of the Ordinary Hero Foundation, the not for profit nature of the organization means it relies on donations and volunteers to function and reach such remarkable feats. That is where Pure Green Dry Cleaning makes its appearance. Pure Green donates both time and money to help the foundation keep going strong. While the monetary donations always help, the staff at Pure Green Dry Cleaning feels most proud about their time donations. They regularly help out at fundraisers and outreach programs to help the foundation grow and reach more children.

Pure Green Dry Cleaning not only fosters bright, clean clothes, it also helps create communities that foster bright futures! Actively supporting the Ordinary Hero Foundation is not the only extraordinary feature of Pure Green. This premium dry cleaning service offers the only pick up and drop off laundry in the greater Nashville area. You cannot beat the convenience of leaving your dirty laundry on the front porch just to have it returned clean and ready to use. In addition to laundry and dry cleaning, you can also find top of the line services like wedding gown preservation, tailoring and alterations, suede and leather cleaning, and shoe cleaning and repair. Pure Green Dry Cleaning truly does it all, and you can’t go wrong with that.