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Clean Your Boots Before Winter

Winter is coming! Get your boots cleaned and ready to go for another season.

Winter is coming! Get your boots cleaned and ready to go for another season.

Summer has officially come to a close and everyone is beginning to bundle up for the approaching cold weather. That means digging up sweaters, hats, mittens, winter jackets and heavy duty shoes. Halloween is on its way, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and then it will be Christmas. With all this hustle and bustle, you will not realize winter has hit until the first big snowstorm.

Clean them before you need them

You will be so busy preparing for the upcoming holidays, keeping the kids on track at school, and staying on top of your other obligations that you might not even consider needing your winter apparel until you have to put it on to go out in the frigid cold. At this end of this past winter, you hid the winter garb in the back of closet – happy to be done with it for the time being. You probably told yourself that you would clean it before next winter because last season’s wear left everything looking pretty dingy. But now winter has hit and you have to suffer through a few wears of grungy winter shoes before you can get them to the cleaners. Even worse, you preferred dry cleaner may have to put you on a lengthy waiting list because they have lots of customers just like you scrambling to get their apparel cleaned.

If you want to avoid this last minute hassle and having to wear shoes with last year’s gunk on it, schedule a cleaning for all your winter shoes. Even if you do not need them right now, they will be clean and waiting patiently to be used when winter does roll around.

Winter ready boots

Whether your boots are heavy duty, all terrain winter shoes or they are high fashion designer leather, taking them to a professional shoe cleaner will result in a fresh pair of boots that look straight out of a magazine. Professionals use cleaning agents that are guaranteed to not damage any precious materials or embellishments. Your shoes will be returned to you completely ready for another season of harsh road salt and messy snow.

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, contact Pure Green Dry Cleaning to schedule a cleaning. Pure Green Dry Cleaning offers premium shoe cleaning services in addition to traditional dry cleaning. You can even schedule a home pick up for any of your clothing cleaning needs. Red Bad Dry Cleaning makes daily trips to residential and commercial locations to pick up and drop off any clothing you need cleaned. Along with your winter shoes, you can drop off your winter jackets for a traditional dry cleaning. Contact Pure Green Dry Cleaning for top notch service.