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Clothing Alteration Service For New Years Resolutions

Losing weight? Get your clothes altered to fit better today!

Losing weight? Get your clothes altered to fit better today!

2015 is in full swing, and if you’re like many Americans so are your New Years resolutions. Resolutions are a great way to set goals towards improving ourselves, and the New Year is a great time to do that. You’ve probably never thought of a dry cleaning service being able to help you propel your 2015 goals, but Pure Green Dry Cleaning in Nashville, Tennessee is here to help you accomplish your New Years Resolutions.

New Year, New You

If your goal is to dress more professionally in 2015, you don’t have to start with an entirely new wardrobe. Look through your closet for clothes you may not wear because they don’t fit you properly. Pants that are too long, shirts that need to be tailored and business attire that may need repairs are always lurking in the back of our closets. A professional alteration company can help you make repairs that will take your old clothes from drab to professional. Before you spend money on a new wardrobe, properly tailor the clothes you already have.

Weight Loss Requires Clothing Alteration Services

If you’ve stuck to your healthy eating habits and/or exercise regimen for the New Year, you’ve likely lost some weight. Great job! Treat yourself by taking in some of your old clothes. A great reward for losing weight is bringing your clothes to a professional alteration company to take them in and help them fit the new and improved you. Dresses, blouses and other tricky fabrics can easily be tailored to fit your new, slim body.

Trying To Save Money? Repair Your Clothes!

If your New Years Resolution is to start saving money, the best place to start is your closet. After all, the average home spends $5,000 on conspicuous items a YEAR (bedding, pillows, clothing). The beginning of the year is a tempting time to purchase new clothes, but before you do that look inside your closet. Old clothes can be brought back to life with simple tailoring. Shorten a bridesmaid dress to make it a flowy summer dress, or make your old and ripped jeans into shorts for the spring and summer season. Not only can an alteration company repair your tattered clothes, but a professional alteration company can also revamp your closet to give you several new pieces without spending a fortune.

Additional Ways An Alteration Company Can Save You Money:

-Salvaging clothes that may be stained
-Repairing ripped clothes you may have donated or thrown away
-Repairing comforters, drapes and other linens
-Helping clothes last longer with regular dry cleanings

Don’t just make a New Years resolution for the sake of doing it. Facilitate the positive goals in your life with professionals that have the knowledge and skills to help you. A dry cleaning and alteration service company is so much more than a place to clean your winter jackets. Utilize professional and skilled tailors to help you save money, look professional and feel great in your clothes. You’ll be amazed at how great a newly tailored pair of pants or a re-fashioned dress can make you feel. Look through your closet and contact a professional alteration today.