Spring Clean Your Household Rugs and Drapes

Ah, spring. Here at Pure Green Dry Cleaning in Tennessee we are so happy to usher in the warmer temperatures and milder weather after a long winter. However, with the warmer weather often comes many folks wanting to tackle their spring cleaning. If your list includes washing your dingy drapes and rugs, be sure to bring them into Pure Green Dry Cleaning for a premiere cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Household Items - Nashville TN

Dirty Rugs In Winter

Rugs take a lot of wear and tear, especially in the winter months. It seems that no matter how careful you are mud, dirt and grime still find their way into your home and onto your rugs. After winter is a great time to have your rugs cleaned because the weather is milder and it is easier to get them out of your home. If your rugs are too large to carry into the store, don’t worry! Our professional dry cleaners will come and pick up your large rugs, take them to our facilities for a thorough cleaning and drop them back off at your home. Spring cleaning has never been easier.

Dirty Drapes In Winter

It is difficult to get fresh air through your home in the winter. The cold temperatures have us bundled up in our home without a lot of circulation. When you finally open your windows in the spring, you may notice the dirt and grime that has collected on your drapes and curtains during the long, cold months. Dust and dirt collect on and around drapes and curtains, which can lead them looking dingy and dusty.

Cleaning Drapes At Home Versus Dry Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your drapes can be done at home. Depending on the material you can take a damp cloth to wipe down the material. If your drapes are made of heavy material you can also run a handheld vacuum over them to remove some of the unsightly dirt and dust. However, any thorough, heavy cleaning should be left to the professionals. Drapes are often lined with materials that are not washable in a regular washing machine. If you place drapes in your residential washing machine your drapes could shrink, fray and the material could buckle and pucker. In some cases, a traditional washing machine could also cause the vibrant colors of your drapes to fade. Protect your beautiful household items with a professional dry cleaning.

Benefits Of Professional Dry Cleaning For Household Items:

  • Maintain integrity of expensive materials
  • Reduce allergens by removing dirt and debris
  • Brighten up your home
  • Keep rugs free of dirt and debris damage
  • Enjoy a beautifully cleaned home this spring

To avoid ruining your expensive and beautiful drapes, curtains and rugs it is necessary to have them professionally dry cleaned. With our delivery service, your spring cleaning checklist is as easy as signing up for delivery on our website. Save a trip to the dry cleaners and tackle one item off your spring cleaning list the easy way with a thorough drape and rug dry cleaning from Pure Green Dry Cleaners.

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