Getting Salt And Grime Off Your Boots

We know we aren’t alone in saying this winter has been a long and arduous season. Lots of snow, ice and record low temperatures have made everyone grateful that spring is finally on its way. Before you stow your winter boots away for the season, take a close look at them. Has winter taken its toll on your boots? Salt and grime can damage some boot materials, so consider having them professionally cleaned before putting them away for the warm season.

Cleaning Salt & Grime from Boots - Nashville TN

Road Salt Can Damage Boots

Salt stains do not look good on your car, and they certainly don’t look good on your boots. That white smear on your boots comes from long treks through snow and ice where salt has been used to treat the roads and sidewalks. The leather reacts with the salt and creates stains that are not only unsightly, but can also damage your boots. A simple soap solution can work on some minor grime on your boots, but if you see a lot of salt damage, you may want to bring your shoes into a professional cleaner.

Road salt can eat certain materials. We know that road salt can rust away your car, what do you suppose it is doing to your leather boots? Keep your leather boots in beautiful condition all year long by having them professionally cleaned to remove all salt stains and grime. By having a professional REMOVE the salt, your boots will last year after year.

The Importance Of Conditioning

All boots, especially those made out of leather, need to be conditioned after every winter season. Specific leather cleaner(s) will be used in order to safely remove the stain as well as add moisture back into the leather to keep it soft and supple. A dry leather boot is one that is prone to damage, especially after the long winter months. While leather is prone to drying out and becoming brittle, suede requires a whole other set of care to maintain the soft look and feel of the material. A professional cleaner will know the right products to use for every boot material.

Home Cleaning Products Aren’t Enough

Some home cleaning can help prevent extensive damage from salt and winter grime. Get in the habit of wiping down your boots after a long day of wear or after a big snow or ice storm. However, having your boots professionally cleaned will keep your boots in top condition for years. Professional cleaners are able to:

  • Use specific cleaners safe for leather, suede and other temperamental materials
  • Use professional-grade conditioners that will keep your boots in beautiful condition year after year
  • Use years of experience handling tough materials like leather and suede

Add a professional boot cleaning to your spring cleaning checklist. Drop your boots off at Pure Green Dry Cleaning in Brentwood, Tennessee for a thorough, yet careful cleaning that will maintain your boots so you can enjoy them year after year. Finding the right pair of boots to match your look, your lifestyle and your budget is an investment in your wardrobe. Maintain that investment with a professional boot cleaning after the long winter months. You’ll be glad you did.

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