Convenient Dry Cleaning Services For Your Busy Life

Looking for convenient dry cleaning services for your busy life? Give us a call and we’ll schedule a dry cleaning service that fits with your schedule.

Dry Cleaning Pickup Service - Nashville TN

How does it work?

Once you schedule a pick-up, our delivery van will come to where you are in the greater Nashville metropolitan area, place your clothing in one of our trademark Pure Greens, and take it to our cleaning facility. You will get your clothes back, on schedule, and cleaned. Simple as that!

About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning means any cleaning process that does not use water. Most laundromats require the use of water and tumbling in order to clean clothes. For higher quality clothes, this can cause permanent damage, including shrinking and tearing.

The History of Dry Cleaning

The ancient Romans were the first to develop a dry cleaning method, using a chemical called ammonium, which they derived from urine, and a type of clay called Fuller’s Earth. They used this method to clean their woolen togas. The urine was collected from farm animals or from special latrines in public restrooms,
and the urine-collecting industry was so profitable that a special tax was declared on it.

Fortunately we have since developed higher tech chemicals to use for dry cleaning purposes. In the 19th century, petroleum-based dry cleaning agents were developed. These were used to dissolve stains on clothes, but unfortunately lead to many destructive fires. A new solution was needed.

After World War I, a new chlorine-based solution was developed, called perchloroethylene, or “perc” for short. This solvent can be filtered and re-used, and a variety of technological systems are used to ensure the environment is protected from any pollution. Other types of solvents, including hydrocarbon-based solvents, are also commonly used in the cleaning process. Modern cleaning machines ensure the environment is protected, and are designed to get the maximum efficiency of use out of the solvent.

Dry Cleaning Machines

Dry cleaning machines are a sort of blend between a regular clothes washer and a clothes dryer. They rotate the clothing in a gentle manner, at a temperature around 85 degrees. The garments must be checked for any stray items such as plastic pens, and their buttons and other parts are examined to prepare them for the dry cleaning process. The dry cleaning machine applies the cleaning solution in a carefully controlled manner, and then gently applies warm air to the garments to evaporate the remaining solvent.

Can You Dry Clean at Home?

There are a few dry cleaning products available for at-home dry cleaning. These can work for the simplest of stains. They do not follow all of the steps of a commercial dry cleaning process, but do work for some types of garments.

Pure Green Service

Fortunately you do not need to know the process that goes into dry cleaning. At Pure Green Dry Cleaning, we take care of all of that for you, from the pick-up, all the way until your clothes are returned. We can dry clean just about any type of garment, and will provide the customized care that keeps our customers loyal
and happy. Let us know how we can help you with your dry cleaning needs.

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